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Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 05:46:54 UTC 2018


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From: Steve French <smfrench at gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 12:46 AM
Subject: Proposed Verification tests for Linux client
To: CIFS <linux-cifs at vger.kernel.org>

As we upgrade the automation for the Linux client (cifs.ko), we have
been discussing getting a standard set of xfstests that run reasonably
quickly (less than an hour) that can be used as a build verification
(and that can grow as we add features that cause so many tests to be
skipped today in the many (500) that xfstest now includes).

This set of 74 tests works in my testing to Samba and Windows (a few
more have to be taken out to include Azure as a test target - e.g.
generic/002).  My tests were on current for-next

./check -cifs cifs/001 generic/001 generic/002 generic/005 generic/006
generic/007 generic/011 generic/013 generic/014 generic/024
generic/028 generic/029 generic/030  generic/036 generic/069
generic/070 generic/074 generic/080 generic/084 generic/095
generic/098 generic/100 generic/109  generic/113 generic/117
generic/124 generic/130 generic/132 generic/133 generic/135
generic/141 generic/169 generic/198 generic/207 generic/210
generic/211 generic/212 generic/215 generic/221 generic/239
generic/246 generic/247 generic/248 generic/249 generic/257
generic/285 generic/286 generic/308 generic/309 generic/315
generic/340 generic/344 generic/345 generic/346 generic/354
generic/360 generic/393 generic/394 generic/406 generic/412
generic/422 generic/428 generic/431 generic/432 generic/433
generic/436 generic/437 generic/445 generic/448 generic/451
generic/460 generic/465 generic/490 generic/504

An additional 11 worked to Samba but not to Windows:
generic/020 generic/023 generic/037 generic/075 generic/091
generic/112 generic/129 generic/245 generic/263 generic/337

and there are a few the reverse (that work when the target is Windows
but not Samba).

The 74 tests take well under 10 minutes to execute to (Samba on)
localhost, and well under an hour to execute over gigabit to a nearby
server as target.

Lots more to investigate, and lots of fun features to do and bugs to
fix ... but in the short term, would like opinions on whether the 74
tests listed above are a good starting point for the automated
regression testing and build verification.

For long running verification an additional set of 7 slow tests can be
added (which pass but might take too long for a typical developers
patience on a checkin)

./check -cifs generic/125 generic/127 generic/323 generic/438
generic/464 generic/476 generic/486





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