Fwd: [Samba] kerberos issue (SPN not found) with windows Hyper-V ( samba 4.5.3 AD)

Ярослав Нападайло ya.napadailo at lvi.kz
Sat Oct 6 21:15:36 UTC 2018

In company where i'm working we use Samba AD (4.6.2) on RHEL 6. 

Now we test Hyper-V Server 2016 Core Live Migration and encountered some errors. 

I found this message [Samba] kerberos issue (SPN not found) with windows Hyper-V ( samba 4.5.3 AD) 

And i found solution after 8 hours testing. 

Solution is : 

1) Add SPN using POWERSHELL like this (i didn't try using samba-tool) 
setspn -s "Microsoft\ Virtual\ System\ Migration\ Service/FQDN>" NetbiosName 
setspn -s "Microsoft\ Virtual\ System\ Migration\ Service/<NetbiosName>" NetbiosName 

2) Configure Delegation in MMC ADUC for all hyper-v hosts you want to have live migration capabilities. 

3) REBOOT all Hyper-V hosts 

For me reading samba kerberos logs was helpful. 
Here was warning that Microsoft\ Virtual\ System\ Migration\ Service not found. 
I noticed on SLASHES before SPACES and updated SPN records. 
Also after updating records I updated DELEGATIONS on ADUC MMC and the rebooted hosts. 

Now live migration works both destintations without any errors. 

In https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2017-March/207208.html solution was given, but it's seems to me, 
that author made mistakes when writing SPN records, like 
Microsoft \Virtual\ System\ Migration\ Service/FQDN 
You see that space after word "Microsoft" not escaped by slash and slash go after space. 
So maybe author didn't notice this. 

So Samba 4 + Hyper-V live migrations WORK! 

Regards, Yaroslav Napadailo 

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