[PATCH] Netlogon prefork support

Gary Lockyer gary at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Nov 5 19:06:25 UTC 2018

This patch set:
 * switches the ad_dc test environment to the pre-fork process model
 * increases the default number of pre-fork workers from 1 to 4
 * Allows the netlogon service to run on pre-forked worker processes

CI results: https://gitlab.com/samba-team/devel/samba/pipelines/35387410

The rpc_server can now run in the pre-fork process model. Due to the use
of shared handles and resources all of the rpc end points are serviced
in the first worker process. Those end points that can be run in
multiple processes (currently only Netlogon and management) are serviced
in the first and any subsequent workers.

Still to come, pre-fork worker restart and limits on the number of
connection processes started by the standard process model.

Review and comments appreciated.


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