[PATCH] CTDB test improvements

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Mon Nov 5 00:49:14 UTC 2018

2 mains changes:

* For integration testing ("simple" and "complex" test suites),
  CTDB daemons are now started at the beginning of each test and
  stopped at the end of each test

  This is true when running with local daemons and against a real
  cluster.  A side-effect of this is obviously that after testing the
  cluster will now be down.  This should not cause a problem because
  the tests already affect cluster availability.

  Individual tests can now be run without depending on special tests
  that start/stop the cluster.  It is now also easier to loop a single

  Daemons were previously not restarted at the end of each "simple"
  test, so running that test suite now takes longer.  The patch set
  includes a small amount of rationalisation of tests to avoid
  duplication and generally reduce the number of tests.  More work is
  needed... but a reasonable compromise has already been made.

* Starting and stopping of local daemons in the "simple" test suite has
  been factored out into a separate script called
  ctdb/tests/local_daemons.sh (installed as ctdb_local_daemons)

  This script has setup/start/stop commands that are used by the test
  suite, and can be used independently for hand testing/debugging.  It
  also has an onnode command, which sets any variables required to run
  commands (e.g. ctdb status) against a cluster of local daemons for
  debugging.  There is also a print-socket command to print the ctdbd
  socket being used by the designated nodes - this can be used by more
  extensive clustered Samba testing to help configured (for example)
  smbd instances against ctdbd instances.

Note that this patch set depends on the other 2 that I have just posted
(config improvements, various fixes).

Please review and maybe push...

peace & happiness,
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