[WBCLIENT] Add process name to the winbind request

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Fri Nov 2 08:39:57 UTC 2018


currently we send the pid as part of the request from wbclient to winbind. 
Would it make sense to add the process name and log it on the winbind side?

If you just get logs and don't have access to the box, you would at least have 
a clue which process created the request to winbind.

The idea would be to add a 32byte progname. We could add getprogname() to 
libreplace like:

const char *getprogname(void)
#ifdef _GNU_SOURCE
	return program_invocation_short_name;
	/* FIXME: Read /proc/<pid>/cmdline??? */
	return "<unknown>";



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