[PATCH] [WIP] AD DC backup and restore tool

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu May 31 12:27:43 UTC 2018

On Thu, 31 May 2018 13:54:37 +0200
L.P.H. van Belle <belle at bazuin.nl> wrote:

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> > There is a big problem with renaming an active directory domain. If
> > Samba AD is compatible with Windows AD, then at some point a Windows
> > DC running Exchange will be added, at this point the rename will
> > stop working, because you cannot rename an exchange server.
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> > Rowland
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> > There is a big problem with renaming an active directory domain. 
> No, there is no problem with renameing an ad domain because you
> should not do that. I think its better is samba prevents the use of
> reserved tld's in the provisioning. That is a thing that wil help. 
> Why do you think i run samba AD, even with its bugs its imo a better
> product then MS AD. ( ms also has lots of bugs ) There is only ONE
> good AD, as said before Novell Directory Services (NDS). MS AD is a
> cheap copy of NDS.
> > If Samba AD is compatible with Windows AD, then at some point a
> > Windows DC running Exchange will be added,
> So i dont see problems here, except that the system administrator did
> not obey the advice of MS. They people also forget to configure the
> outgoing mail connector and reading the manual howto install the
> server in general. SOO anoying. 
> Do not run an exchange on the DC. Source: 
> https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms.exch.setupreadiness.warninginstallexchangerolesondomaincontroller(v=exchg.160).aspx 
> More insight here : Source:
> http://www.itprotoday.com/microsoft-exchange/basic-impossibility-renaming-exchange-server
> And thats the same for the last 15 years.. 
> Every computer/dns/upn/spn/certifcates etc all need changes. 
> No, i've seen that to much, i'll never use it or support it, i did 3
> domain renames in the past. I would have spend about 1/2 of the time
> if i had installed it clean, but héé customer wishes.. And then
> complaining about the hours made, but they where warned and that was
> on paper.. That did cost me a costumer in the end. And you know,
> about a year later i did hear that this ex-customer was still having
> problems with pc's and that resulted in a new clean installed
> domain.. By me.. That was 10 years ago and that domain is still
> running upgrade after upgrade. And thats the same for me on with
> samba, setup correct and you wil have years of fun with it. My old NT
> domain, is entering its 14e year now its last, my AD domain is
> running 4-5 years now. As you know upgrade as of 4.1. up to 4.8.2
> now, yes few minor thing but small easy to fix thing.
> Now the main problem is that people are getting under-educated in
> howto setup a domain/server or whatever. Why because people dont care
> about it, they just install something and put it in production.
> Therefor imo, its our task also to educate them todo the right thing.
> Before i put a server into production i've reinstalled it 2-4
> times. .. Yes install test, format, install test format. You know how
> much you learn from that, and only if i can repied the install
> without problems then the install is ok. This is how my server
> installes are all done and based on. 
> Beside that, time is expensive these days, so why spend time on a
> rename, that will give more problems But again, my opinion, its not
> my time waisted here. (execpt this mail then) ( sorry if im i bit
> blunt here ) 
> But i must say, i do like the backup tool changes, these more imo
> much more important then a domain rename. 
> Greetz, 
> Lous

I understand and agree with everything you say, but what I was trying
to point out is, if you an Exchange server using one dns domain, you
cannot change its domain, see here:



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