Adds possibility to change another user password

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Thu May 31 12:20:47 UTC 2018

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> New comment by bjacke on Samba Github repository
> Comment:
> you're right, that samba-tool is not yet very useful for Samba
> servers in "classic" mode and your request to have that feature in
> smbpasswd is quite valid. But the feature is already implementen as
> far as I can see: as root you can run "smbpasswd foo" to set
> someone's password and as a user you can set someone else's password
> with "smbpasswd -U foo", can't you?
> is the right way to report bugs and
> feature requests for Samba, please use that in the future.
> Thanks
> Björn

I don't think samba-tool will ever be useful in a classic domain and, if
I were you, I would be putting my efforts into upgrading from a classic
domain, before Microsoft makes it impossible to connect to one from
Windows (and if recent reports are correct, they may already have done
so with the latest win10).


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