[PATCH] Re: [WIP] Log database changes.

Gary Lockyer gary at catalyst.net.nz
Wed May 16 22:52:38 UTC 2018

On 17/05/18 09:46, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 12:30:47PM +1200, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>>> No, I don't want to block things - so you can merge
>>> if you need to. I would like to work with Gary to
>>> get this fixed though, I don't want it left like
>>> this long term.
>> Thanks.  I saw Gary go through the phases of anger, grief and
>> resignation and he plans to go over it and make it return-based soon. 
>> :-)
> Gary, let me know if you need some help fixing
> up this code. I'm also *very* happy to review
> as well.
> Cheers,
> 	Jeremy.
Thanks Jeremy,
   my current plan is to complete and land the logging changes.  Then
fix the error handling, i.e that's my next task once the DSDB and Group
logging changes are in.

I suspect that the logging changes and general admin for will keep me
busy until Samba XP.

So perhaps we could catch up at XP and work through the API changes.


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