[PATCH] Add utilities to check style

Simo simo at samba.org
Mon May 7 12:11:43 UTC 2018

On Sun, 2018-05-06 at 21:54 +0200, Ralph Böhme wrote:
> On Sun, May 06, 2018 at 01:22:05PM -0400, Simo wrote:
> > I fetched this branch but there is
> > no 54f124f39bc5ae316faab97e2ee2d00c3b8cfe44
> > 
> > so I can't test it.
> hm, maybe I forgot to push the snapshot of the branch. The branch "tmp" now
> points at commit 54f124f39bc5ae316faab97e2ee2d00c3b8cfe44.

If my coffee is strong enough this morning :-) I think the error is
here: "Jean Fran\xe7ois Micouleau"

It think this has been copied over and over since back then when code
pages were used instead of utf8.

There are 6 files in the tree with invalid utf8 characters in Jean
François name. A patch is attached to fix that.

Please RB+ and push this patch, first win for the style checker,
although it found an encoding issue rather than a style one :-)

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