issue about bug 1480199 Samba crashed in internal background task execution while running IO

ssdl.566 ssdl.566 at
Wed Mar 28 13:10:03 UTC 2018

Hi all :
          Recently .we met the issue the same as :

          that when start smb service, smbd will crash 

          the trace is as follows:
#0  0x00007fc078e651f7 in raise () from /lib64/
#1  0x00007fc078e668e8 in abort () from /lib64/
#2  0x00007fc07a7c7ccb in dump_core () at ../source3/lib/dumpcore.c:322
#3  0x00007fc07a7bb087 in smb_panic_s3 (why=<optimized out>) at ../source3/lib/util.c:814
#4  0x00007fc07ccb059f in smb_panic (why=why at entry=0x7fc07ccf758a "internal error") at ../lib/util/fault.c:166
#5  0x00007fc07ccb07b6 in fault_report (sig=<optimized out>) at ../lib/util/fault.c:83
#6  sig_fault (sig=<optimized out>) at ../lib/util/fault.c:94
#7  <signal handler called>
#8  0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
#9  0x00007fc0791fcc97 in tevent_common_loop_timer_delay () from /lib64/
#10 0x00007fc07a7d04e9 in run_events_poll (ev=0x7fc07f0104d0, pollrtn=0, pfds=0x0, num_pfds=0) at ../source3/lib/events.c:199
#11 0x00007fc07a7d0644 in s3_event_loop_once (ev=0x7fc07f0104d0, location=<optimized out>) at ../source3/lib/events.c:303
#12 0x00007fc0791f80cd in _tevent_loop_once () from /lib64/
#13 0x00007fc0791f945f in tevent_req_poll () from /lib64/
#14 0x00007fc07d34d9a3 in cleanupd_init (msg=msg at entry=0x7fc07f010600, interactive=interactive at entry=false, 
    ppid=ppid at entry=0x7fc07f017000) at ../source3/smbd/server.c:515

           I want to know did anyone meet the problem? is there a patch to solve it?

leilei dong
peace and happiness

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