Samba pre-commit CI status

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Mar 28 08:15:02 UTC 2018

G'Day all,

Just a status update on our CI efforts.  I've been working to ensure
that contributors to Samba get automatic feedback on their patch before
a Samba Team member spends time on review, so we can all focus on
improving the code and not message-passing about autobuild failures on
inaccessible hardware.

The split up of autobuild into more smaller jobs landed in master
today, and both GitLab CI and Travis CI (for GitHub) now take advantage
of that.

We test the unit tests (C and Python), the subprojects (ldb, tdb,
talloc, tevent), almost all file server tests and most of the AD DC
tests in Travis CI.

On the Gitlab side of the fence, while there is a public
project at 
there are no runners registered with it right at the moment.  I need
help from someone with experience with Asnible and docker-machine on
Rackspace, (Rackspace generously offers some free cloud credit to the
Samba Team).

The task is to convert the existing Openstack configuration (used for
the proof of concept for Catalyst staff using our Catalyst Cloud

Once done, the full autobuild (split into parts) will run on each merge

This has been a long road, but soon I hope we can start accepting
gitlab merge requests and run pre-review CI there.  

Finally, if anybody has:
 - (Legitimate!) access to free cloud resources
 - The time to manage a gitlab-multi-runner in that resource

(Or can do the Rackspace effort mentioned above)

Please talk to me. 


Andrew Bartlett

[2] git://

Andrew Bartlett             
Authentication Developer, Samba Team
Samba Developer, Catalyst IT

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