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So, an update on process here.  I know we have had a lot of views on
how this should be coordinated, but I'm going to just 'impose' this
process for the next week.

I don't normally speak for other developers or their time, but I feel a
need to set some expectations.  Joe is joining Samba development long
term but this intense focus on Python3 stuff is quite short term,
perhaps another week or so.  In particular he is helping me out with
patch wrangling and CI running (while I get more of that automatic).

Please bring all missing patches to his attention.  Ideally get all the
missing patches into a single branch, but otherwise he will do that.

Joe is within grabbing distance of Douglas and myself and we will then
review those patches he thinks are OK.  Once past that, he is going to
just take a stab at whatever parts of the python3 he can.

In the meantime, the "none" environment is now tested in travis-ci so
many of the python tests will now be run there.  The rest will follow

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