[PATCH] Autobuild in about 3h30m

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Mar 22 07:23:50 UTC 2018

Hi Andrew,

>> As the nt4_* environments are split, would it still be possible to
>> setup a trust between nt4_dc and ad_dc? E.g. if I make
>> nt4_dc depend on ad_dc, the tests would still run in/against the nt4_dc
>> environment, but an implicit ad_dc environment is created in the background?
> Yes.  The split up is just in terms of what tests are called.  


>> There were some threads regarding --without-ads build failures in the
>> last weeks and maybe we already have a bug report, can you separate
>> the build fixes, so that we can have them pushed directly
>> and then fixed in 4.8.1?
> Yes, there is another branch and patch set with those if it is easier
> to start with them.  Andreas just pushed them.  
> The build fixes are due to running with the picky developer stuff, end
> users shouldn't hit them.

There were at least some failures, which were reported and I don't
--picky-developer was used there.

I think 859698d29b547217356851094ed8188236e717b6 and
a222b7506b53e689708834237f18877231dca589 fixed this,
but I think we should open a bug and backport them
including your changes.

>> The UTC changes seem to be fine as well and can be pushed.
>> The clear enviromnent and wait_for_start changes as well.
> Good.
>> I would expect some '-' lines in the diff of
>> "selftest: Run net.api.become.dc against less roles"
> Yeah, what is going on there is that this was part of a loop further
> up, which ran against more environments. 

Ah, got it, please also push that.


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