[PATCH] Autobuild in about 3h30m

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Thu Mar 22 07:05:46 UTC 2018

On Thursday, 22 March 2018 05:29:59 CET Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical 
> As you would have followed, I've been playing with getting our
> autobuild to be more parallel, based on some great work Jamie did over
> the summer to remove the inter-dependencies.

Thanks for working on that!

Someone which might be interesting and might finally be possible.

metze and I did some hacking several month ago. The first patch to move 
forward is that following patch setting up an external trust with ad_dc.


The idea is that ad_dc is main target and all fl200* environments are set up 
in ad_dc. So that we have an env with all the different trusts we support. 
This way we could do a lot of trusted domain trusts.

It would reduce setting up several environments, we just need to set it up 
once for ad_dc.


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