Close all old samba "3" bugzillas ?

Björn JACKE bjacke at
Wed Mar 21 19:07:10 UTC 2018

On 2018-03-21 at 10:20 -0700 Jeremy Allison via samba-technical sent off:
> However, bugs kept in the "zombie" state (even with fix attached)
> are not good for the project. No one is looking at them.
> If Simo were to propose deleting the data, I would agree with
> Björn. But that's not what he's asking for.
> Marking the bug as WONTFIX/EOL keeps the data, and allows the
> bug to be ressurected if anyone looks at it, or re-raises the
> issue.

if a bug is closed it will not be found in any search again because closed bugs
will not pop up ever again unless you search in ALL bugs of all states - nobody
will ever do a search in all bugs of all states because it is like searching
for a grain of sand on a beach.

> IMHO marking WONTFIX/EOL is acknowleging the reality of the
> situation, in that no one is going to look at pre-4.0.x
> bugs unless there is end-user activity around the issue.

some people, including me also look at pre 4.0 bugs or find actually old open
bugs when they search for a real life problem of existing setups. There are
really old bugs for often unpopular things like pam modules or platforms like
AIX and other not bleeding edge samba topics. A mass-closing of old bug reports
will drain those bug reports down and they will never ever be found again, even
if the data theoretically still is therei, like the grain on the beach.  And a
couple of old open bugs *really* don't clogg bugzilla in any way.


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