[PATCH] Second part of bugfix for bug #13319 (round-tripping ACE's through vfs_fruit).

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Mar 15 21:54:43 UTC 2018

Hi Ralph,

Here's the second part of the bugfix I alluded to
in the bug report (I missed the fact I needed to
be checking for multiple NFS ace entries, not just
the specific ones matching the existing permissions/
owner/group on the file). I used metze's dom_sid_compare_domain()
suggestion from the bug report.

I also added a regression test that tests *exactly*
how this code is supposed to work (and it passes,
which is a bonus :-) :-).

Please review and push if happy, and I'll update
the patchset on the bug report for back-porting.


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