Joining a Samba DC to a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 DC Environment

Bernadett Barta nightale at
Fri Mar 9 20:17:02 UTC 2018


I couldn't exactly find an answer to my question on several forums and wiki

I created a Windows Server Domain with 2 DC both of them are on Windows
Server 2016 OS. The functional level for the domain was originally 2016. I
installed a Samba Server 4.5 and my intention was to join the Samba Server
to my existing domain as a DC.
I read several conflicting information and none of them was really my

I had some struggle but after I set back to the domain/forest functional
levels to 2008R2, I could join the samba server to my existing windows
domain and the AD replication started toward the Samba server. What I don't
know if the samba server will be now a fully functional and working DC and
if it will cooperate with my MS Windows 2016 DCs, or I should just forget
Windows Server 2016 os version right now and change back to a different
server os. Did anybody see a working system like this?


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