Again "Failed to remove backlin of memberOf when deleting" with debug info

Andrej Gessel andrej.gessel at
Fri Mar 9 05:05:35 UTC 2018

Hello list,

I'm testing new Samba version 4.8.0rc4 as an RODC with Windows server 
2008R2 as RWDC.

1) join is done with following command:

samba-tool domain join SAMDOM.LOCAL RODC --domain-critical-only 
--configfile /path/smb.conf --username admin --dns-backend 
SAMBA_INTERNAL --server RWDC --site NewSite

2) After RODC was joined and samba was started i saw following error in log:

Failed to apply records: 
../source4/dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules/repl_meta_data.c:4373: Failed to 
remove backlink of memberOf when deleting 
Objects,DC=samdom,DC=local: Attribute member doesn't exist for target 
GUID 4cab6805-fd33-4edb-9bb2-702f7dce1210: Operations error
Failed to commit objects: 
dreplsrv_op_pull_source(WERR_BAD_NET_RESP) for DC=samdom,DC=local

3) ldbsearch -H /path/DC=SAMDOM,DC=LOCAL.ldb 
Objects,DC=samdom,DC=local)' memberof
# record 1
dn: ...

4) ldbsearch -H /path/DC=SAMDOM,DC=LOCAL.ldb 
'(distinguishedname=CN=GROUP,OU=GROUPSX,DC=SAMDOM,DC=LOCAL)' member
# record 1
dn: ...
member: ...
  2-702f7dce1210,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=samdom,DC=local

5) I think that the problem is in the 
"comparison_fn"(la_guid_compare_with_trusted_dn) that is ONLY used in 
. I replaced this macro with simple for-loop and it works again.


The array is assumed to be sorted by the same comparison_fn as the
search (with, for example, qsort)

I do not have fix for it now, so i hope, that you can help me to find 
the best solution.


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