Python3 misc bugfixes

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Tue Mar 6 12:47:18 UTC 2018

New comment by noelpower on Samba Github repository
I am not sure what you mean, do you mean you wish it to be able to
handle both str and byte in py3 as input params? If so isn't this just
trying to subvert what python3 tries to do (however painful it actually
is) to properly distinguishing bytes and strings. Additionally this
doesn't sound right since the c api that is wrapped is 
GUID_from_data_blob not GUID_from_string.  While the python2 usage of
string is handy it isn't  correct (from a python3 perspective)

On 02/03/18 18:11, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I think it should also take a string for the string form of the GUID.
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