[PR PATCH] [Closed]: Bulk octal and exception fixup changes

github at samba.org github at samba.org
Fri Mar 2 10:45:18 UTC 2018

There's a closed pull request on the Samba Samba Github repository

Bulk octal and exception fixup changes
Description: This patch converts literal octal numbers to a format that is acceptable in both python2 and python3.

           os.chmod(some_path, 0770)      # valid in python2 only
           os.chmod(some_path, 0o770)    # valid in python2 and python3

additionally this pull request contains a patches to do a bulk conversion where except clause specifies a tuple following the exception name. This format is illegal in python3 e.g.


    except LdbError, (num, msg):
    except LdbError as e:
         (num, msg) = e.args

The patch set follows the same grouping as a previous 'Bulk' commit for converting except clause with ',' instead of 'as'

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