[PR PATCH] Bulk octal and exception fixup changes

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Thu Mar 1 12:20:06 UTC 2018

On 28/02/18 21:44, Douglas Bagnall wrote:
> Andrew has reviewed the octal and exception patches (sans extra
> comments), and we have pushed those to master
Thank you.
> , along with my patch to
> add PY_DESC_PY3_BYTES to py3compat.h. We can look at the other ones when
> they are ready.
Hmm those bug fix patches are ready unless there is some issue I need to
know about to address, is there ? or is it you want me to submit them
separately to the list

On 28/02/18 23:49, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical wrote:
>> Lumír: do you know which patches still need review?
> And can we have all the outstanding python3 patches in one github
> branch please, ideally cross-reviewed by those involved?  (So I can be
> assured they don't trip over each other)
Lumir if it helps I can gather what patches we have ready and whatever
you have outstanding awaiting review into a new branch/pull request. I
know we have some python c - module changes (some already posted to the
list e.g. gpo, netbios & smb + some tests) but also we have others
(passdb, param, smbd, policy, dckeytab) still without tests (or tests
that can currently be invoked under python3) current (rebase of master
today) of David & my stuff is

I think it would be good to have all somewhere more public (maybe even
if the ones still without tests were at the end of the series and marked
as WIP or  something to avoid work duplication. Or.. I'm open to other
suggestions please let me know (or point me to the patches) and I will
try to do something like the above

However I would say I think especially in the area of the python
c-module changes, these changes generally are pretty self contained and
should be easily managed as independent submissions (also I would think
easier to review). The python3 porting could take some time, changes
going in quicker (where possible) makes things easier all round rather
than waiting for some long living branch and dealing with the associated
dependencies falling out from that.

Where we can we should pick off any bite size pieces, just my 2 c


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