Segfault in smbd: messaging_dgm_fde_active

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Tue Jun 26 05:51:40 UTC 2018

On Tue, 2018-06-26 at 08:14 +1200, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Mon, 2018-06-25 at 22:09 +0200, Ralph Böhme wrote:
> > Hi Andrew,
> > 
> > On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 05:07:36PM +1200, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical wrote:
> > > Can someone look into this for me please?
> > 
> > I'm looking into it as time permits. Couldn't make sense out of it yet.
> Thanks.  I'll try a bisect at work today.

Using the libsmbclient test form master in run in a testenv under
bisect I've got down to:

abartlet at ruth:/data/samba/git/samba9$ git bisect bad
b88f9384b01d91e6060cd806e03fe9c90cbdbcf1 is the first bad commit
commit b88f9384b01d91e6060cd806e03fe9c90cbdbcf1
Author: Stefan Metzmacher <metze at>
Date:   Sat Jun 17 01:06:46 2017 +0200

    s4:auth/ntlmssp: add support for using "winbind" as DC
    This adds support for trusted domains to the auth stack on AD DCs.
    Signed-off-by: Stefan Metzmacher <metze at>
    Reviewed-by: Andreas Schneider <asn at>

:040000 040000 12d0950e6a7b3b4cd80f0bd810a4b901b1f0178a
e8b0f8a2ddc44681ef490dcaa02ac68740deb9e5 M	selftest
:040000 040000 a454bb9e249de41aba665e3a1b0b2050e375f2ba
b40a78b8f3094a986e7992b9906df9d1775f345e M	source4

abartlet at ruth:/data/samba/git/samba9$ git bisect terms
Your current terms are good for the old state
and bad for the new state.
abartlet at ruth:/data/samba/git/samba9$ git bisect log
git bisect start
# bad: [39b7f1bcf0d3eaf6308b3ebf88e57f52c0d4a68a] ldb-samba: Handle
generic mdb:// url scheme in ldb_relative_path()
git bisect bad 39b7f1bcf0d3eaf6308b3ebf88e57f52c0d4a68a
# bad: [e5f4aff68507cdfcacc551235e4a6f2edbb9da45] VERSION: Bump version
up to 4.8.0rc1...
git bisect bad e5f4aff68507cdfcacc551235e4a6f2edbb9da45
# good: [d4bb8febc986aca5f3ed4e80ef122fcb5f99ce7d] VERSION: Disable
GIT_SNAPSHOTS for the 4.7.0rc1 release
git bisect good d4bb8febc986aca5f3ed4e80ef122fcb5f99ce7d
# skip: [3c6977b17c66e1bc8dbab9df5cf2338868f1a180] ldb_tdb: Reduce
memory consumption in list_intersect()
git bisect skip 3c6977b17c66e1bc8dbab9df5cf2338868f1a180
# bad: [5aa8af0c4ad7c4fb7aff001e3bd96cdf28471005] torture: remove
spurious semicolon
git bisect bad 5aa8af0c4ad7c4fb7aff001e3bd96cdf28471005
# bad: [c938f61d332de0323cb135b201367f90f08d76a8] python: Allow debug
classes to be specified on the command line for python tools
git bisect bad c938f61d332de0323cb135b201367f90f08d76a8
# bad: [90487259e365d5b966ccc47ac51eadb4733f3197] source3/client: Fix
typo in help message displayed by default
git bisect bad 90487259e365d5b966ccc47ac51eadb4733f3197
# good: [a97057d5b88c02bb3874f2dfe2ed5a8c2edfc596] auth/spnego: make
sure we don't return OK without sub_sec_ready in
git bisect good a97057d5b88c02bb3874f2dfe2ed5a8c2edfc596
# good: [35cbed2934ded2ea1ebc27b893526e3d7d2da6de] pycredentials: Allow
optional "name" argument to get_named_ccache() to be missing
git bisect good 35cbed2934ded2ea1ebc27b893526e3d7d2da6de
# good: [69187d92e55c9d98e09a0ae90a66d7151ee588c1] winbindd: Simplify
git bisect good 69187d92e55c9d98e09a0ae90a66d7151ee588c1
# good: [8813295e1f58f8972e084c8fa16e00b0e23d9216] s4:http/gensec: make
the "NTLM" base64 wrapping more generic
git bisect good 8813295e1f58f8972e084c8fa16e00b0e23d9216
# good: [260e535252c2643ca435e036bfdbb44ddf4c28d1] auth/ntlmssp:
introduce ntlmssp_server_auth_send/recv
git bisect good 260e535252c2643ca435e036bfdbb44ddf4c28d1
# bad: [039ad5c9ad4c4b930d2fa7857cf5fb4dc547e181] winbindd: allow all
possible logon levels in wb_irpc_SamLogon()
git bisect bad 039ad5c9ad4c4b930d2fa7857cf5fb4dc547e181
# good: [690c5e6f36e343f709715214e2368bcb7e67e0fb] s4:auth/ntlm:
provide auth_check_password_wrapper_send/recv to auth4_context
git bisect good 690c5e6f36e343f709715214e2368bcb7e67e0fb
# good: [a6ad56cfa9dfc7488dd328aa752ddd96154f0362] s4:auth: use "sam
winbind" for the netlogon server
git bisect good a6ad56cfa9dfc7488dd328aa752ddd96154f0362
# bad: [b88f9384b01d91e6060cd806e03fe9c90cbdbcf1] s4:auth/ntlmssp: add
support for using "winbind" as DC
git bisect bad b88f9384b01d91e6060cd806e03fe9c90cbdbcf1
# first bad commit: [b88f9384b01d91e6060cd806e03fe9c90cbdbcf1]
s4:auth/ntlmssp: add support for using "winbind" as DC

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