[PATCH] Ensure query fs attributes correctly returns values.

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Tue Jun 19 22:15:26 UTC 2018

Hi Ralph & Metze,

At the plugfest Steve and I had an interesting disuccion.

SMB2 POSIX extensions can't *guearentee* case-sensitive
filesystem access, as the underlying filesystem might
itself have been mounted case-insensitive (this is
possible currently for ZFS on Linux and FreeBSD,
and XFS on Linux).

Instead, SMB2 POSIX should expose the *actual*
case-sensitivity of the filesystem mount.

Specifying this instead of always case-sensitive
also helps if the MS-Azure SMB implementation
wants to add the SMB2 POSIX extensions in future.

Unfortunately there is no way to programatically
find this out (there is a new statvfs call in
Linux that gives this information, but it won't
be in released kernels for a long, long time,
plus FreeBSD doesn't have this info in their

Currently, smbd SMB_QUERY_FS_ATTRIBUTE_INFO arbitrarily
into the returned filesystem attributes, regrdless
of how "case sensitive =" or "case preserve =" are
set in the smb.conf.

This patch changes qfsinfo to return the currently
used values of these flags, not hard coding them.

Please review and push if happy !

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