Backporting LDB patches please?

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Tue Jun 19 05:43:59 UTC 2018

Hi Andrew,

thanks! Can you remind me if it's possible to use newer ldb versions
1.4.x or 1.3.x with 4.7? Timur asked me about that and I wasn't sure
as we had some problems with that at some point.


> I wondered if you could give me a hand by ensuring that all the recent
> fixes to LDB get backported into the version of ldb in Samba 4.7 and
> 4.8 (as appropriate).  I'm asking because Metze reminded me at SambaXP.
> That is, for each patch in lib/ldb 'recently' for which the BUG URL is
> still open, check if it applies (git cherry-pick -x ideally) into the
> release branch.  If so, re-create that patch with git format-patch and
> attach to the bug requesting review.
> This is described in:
> Checkin_Procedure
> The only extra step is to bump the ldb minor version number, include
> the new ABI files and write a set of very simple release notes into the
>  commit message (see previous examples).
> Finally, do check the most recent patch from Andrej on ldb.

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