[RFC] Performance improvements

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Mon Jun 18 08:58:32 UTC 2018

On Monday, 18 June 2018 10:04:03 CEST Swen Schillig via samba-technical wrote:
> Attached is the patchset in question.
> Even though the set consists of 10 patches I wouldn't call them all
> micro-patches..but they're as small as possible I guess.
> I didn't do any re-check about whether they all comply 100% to our
> latest coding guidelines but I'm sure the upcoming discussion about the
> patches will cover them all.
> In addition I have to admit that one or two patches are part of the
> series which aren't necessarily required to achieve the results...
> E.g. the patch for the tunables which might interfere with Martins and
> Amitays changes announced at XP. Another one or two patches might
> possibly be integrated into a joined one.
> Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

There are some nice cleanups.

In the first patch:

+	int num_ready;

+		int new_size = num_ready + queue->buffer.length;

Please use size_t.


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