[Patches] Preparation for tevent impersonation (part1)

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Jun 14 18:07:04 UTC 2018

Hi Jeremy,

>>> You should free the acl in the failure cases (like before) since you return
>>> NULL to the caller.
>> Good point. Here's an updated patch. This maybe should be
>> better merged into the original changed patch #6.
>> I'll let metze decide.
> Here is an updated complete patchset with the
> descriptions for patches 22/41 and 23/41 fixed,
> added signed-off-by in patch 37/41 and the make_simple_acl()
> fixes merged into patch 6/41.
> I'm good with this version if you're happy.

Thanks! I'll have a look tomorrow.

Maybe the talloc_stackframe() bug, was also causing the problem
with my part2 (which is on top of part1).


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