[PR PATCH] Cached Group Policy and client application

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Wed Jun 13 17:23:37 UTC 2018

There is a new pull request by dmulder against master on the Samba Samba Github repository

https://github.com/dmulder/samba offline_gpo

Cached Group Policy and client application
On a client machine, we need to cache group policies before applying them. This also makes forcing policy possible when offline.
The cache path is determined using the lp.cach_path() function, which returns a cache directory within samba's cache, guaranteeing the cache has been created with all the correct permissions. The Group Policy Template (the gpo cache) is then downloaded to that cache using 0744 perms for the subdirs.
Client machines cannot read the GPT.INI and get the gpo versions without this patch, since they don't have access to the sysvol share locally (gpo_get_sysvol_gpt_version() reads from a local file).

There is also a test included which verifies that the cache download works.

A patch file from https://github.com/samba-team/samba/pull/196.patch is attached
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