Quota patches

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Jul 31 08:05:29 UTC 2018

Hi Noel,

> For purposes of demonstration I attach the following traces
> [1] smbcquotas-with-samba-server-artificial-maxdata-limit.pcapng
> [2] win2012-client-with-samba-server-artificial-maxdata-limit.pcapng
> [3] win2012-client-with-samba-server-artificial-maxdata-limit-jra.pcapng
> [4] smbcquotas-with-samba-server-artificial-maxdata-limit-jra.pcapng
> traces 1 & 2 are with my patches (version 2) with the fixup to detect
> max_data exceeded, traces 3 & 4 are with your changes. Both a windows
> client and smbcquotas are used.

Would it be possible to use the captures to add some tests under
source4/torture/ndr/, that way we'll be protected against symmetric
bugs, which would be introduced in the client and server at the same
time. It's not a requirement to get this patchset into master, but it
would be cool if you could add it in near future. Do you also have
captures from windows to windows or at least smbcquotas against windows?
I think those captures would be the ideal reference for such tests.

Wasn't there a bug report for this problem already?
I think the lack of quota support in SMB2 is really a bug and the fixes
should be backported. The patches should have the bug reference in the
commit messages...

Thanks for working on this, this should have been fixed while Jeremy
and I added SMB2 support to smbd...


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