VFS Modules & C++ Support

Kory Draughn korydraughn.renci at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 22:24:08 UTC 2018


Q.  Can a samba vfs module be implemented using C++?
Q.  If so, how do I enable C++ support?

Also, in the section titled "*Building Your VFS Module*",
I ran into trouble compiling the fake_compression module.

To fix this, I made the following changes:

*Old Code from Wiki*

    NTSTATUS vfs_fake_compression_init(void);
    NTSTATUS vfs_fake_compression_init(void) {...}

*New Code*

    NTSTATUS vfs_fake_compression_init(TALLOC_CTX* ctx) {...}

Q.  Are both *static_decl_vfs* and *vfs_fake_compression_init* required?

It may be worth adjusting the wiki so other developers don't fail at
building the example module.


Kory Draughn

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