[RFC PATCH v2 0/3] add JSON output to net ads

Philipp Gesang philipp.gesang at intra2net.com
Mon Jul 9 09:08:20 UTC 2018

Changes in v2:

* rebase onto the error handling branch:

* change signature of json_is_invalid() to accept const*.

* use json_add_guid() instead of dumping uuid manually. 

V1 blurb:

The informational commands of the ``net ads'' family format their output in an
ad-hoc manner that is not specified. For automated processing it would be
useful to optionally encode the output as JSON.

These two patches against master add such a JSON output to ``net ads info'' and
``net ads lookup''. They have been forward-ported from the 4.7-ish Samba that
we run. Compilation succeeds with master but I'm still in the process of getting
working test environment, so they're virtually untested.

Philipp Gesang (3):
  lib/audit_logging: make json_is_valid() accept a const*
  s3: net: implement json output for ads info
  s3: net: implement json output for ads lookup

 lib/audit_logging/audit_logging.c |   2 +-
 lib/audit_logging/audit_logging.h |   2 +-
 source3/utils/net.c               |   1 +
 source3/utils/net.h               |   1 +
 source3/utils/net_ads.c           | 333 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 source3/utils/wscript_build       |   2 +
 6 files changed, 339 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)


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