WAF 2.x upgrade status

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Fri Jul 6 03:08:06 UTC 2018

On Fri, 2018-07-06 at 12:43 +1200, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical
> I'll confirm the config.h files after lunch.

I've confirmed the config.h results, see the diff attached.  The only
changes of consequence I can see are:

+/* #undef PYTHONDIR */
+/* #undef PYTHONARCHDIR */
+#define HAVE_PYEMBED 1
+#define HAVE_PYEXT 1

(which clearly don't matter either). 

So, from the 'has anything gone missing' perspective, I'm happy for
this to be merged.

Don't forget the below however:

> Finally, I've made comments in the gitlab branch.  Please read them
> before overwriting the branch.
> In short, I would like to have an instruction on how to dump a pristine
> waf from a well-known URL on the top and see no diff, so I don't have
> to review that.  Otherwise I just found little niggles and rebase
> errors. 
> I'm just as keen as you are to get this in, so please focus on
> addressing the concerns rather than a perfect patch stream, as we must
> not let this slide.  Once development continues this will break, so we
> need to land it. 
> If you can get ita to sign his commits that would be great, otherwise
> sign them yourself and link to where he clearly contributed them on
> github. 
> Thanks for all the hard work here!


Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
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