[PATCH] smb3: simplify code by removing CONFIG_CIFS_SMB311

Aurélien Aptel aaptel at suse.com
Mon Jul 2 06:45:02 UTC 2018

Regarding ifdefs:

I'm not a big fan of ifdefs in general. This subject has been covered
extensively (google "ifdefs harmful") but in a nutshell:

- I think it makes the code more complex. You have to think about how
  the code behaves given different config options and as a result it
  hides bugs at both run time and compile time. We see this often thanks
  to the intel building bots.
- Regarding memory usage and compiled code size, I haven't run the
  numbers I suspect it's insignificant.

I'm much more in favor of runtime ways to enable/disable stuff. If you
*really* want to make cifs functionnaly different at compile time I
think the ifdefs parts should really only stick to the functionnal part
of the feature. Functionnal as in "the part that calls the code
responsible for the work" or the parts settings values/mode to
enable/disabe. Dont wrap field structures or function definitions.  This
way you have as little ifdefs as possible and you keep them small and

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