[PATCH 2/2] NTLMv2 authentication using ntlm_auth

Eric Hamilton Eric.Hamilton at harmonicinc.com
Thu Jan 25 18:24:58 UTC 2018


Please find attached a patch for ntlm_auth (version 3.6.9! yuck, sorry) that adds finer grained error handling as well additional requests that we have found useful when working with winbind.

This patch also can make an NTLMv2 authentication check against the local pdb.  It can be used in conjunction the auth_script2 external authentication method, including on a remote machine via a passwordless ssh tunnel.

Harmonic has found this to be useful and we want to make sure the GPLv3 changes get out to the community where folks can re-use or re-work this if useful to you.

Eric Hamilton
Harmonic MediaGrid Architect

Signed-off-by: Eric Hamilton <eric.hamilton at harmonicinc.com>


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