Cleaning up OpenChange

ser.olmy at ser.olmy at
Tue Jan 23 01:12:46 UTC 2018

I'm trying to get OpenChange to compile against recent versions of Samba, and I'm making some progress. Currently I'm stuck on the mapiproxy code.

According to the comments in the file, dcesrv_mapiproxy.c (which no longer compiles), it's heavily based on dcesrv_remote.c in Samba. In fact, it seems the programmer just used the Samba file as a template, as even occurences of blank lines with tabs are identical to those in older versions of dcesrv_remote.c in the Samba codebase.

My question: Is there anything I can read to get up to speed about the changes that occurred in Samba 4.5.0, when dcesrv_connection_context was altered? (Except the (entire) Samba source code itself, that is. :)


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