[PATCHES] Make gpo extensible

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Jan 22 21:18:28 UTC 2018


I'd meant to ask you a question about the patch, but I couldn't manage
to do that before the 4.8 cut-off. I didn't quite understand what the
intent of the patch was. 

apply_gp reads the version from the sysvol path, and then writes it to a
file in the cache directory. But the gpo_version function always read it
from sysvol anyways (and so this cache file is never really used)? Also,
is the benefit of reading from a cache dir only to avoid the recurring
SMB connection, or is there actually another reason?



On 20/01/18 06:03, David Mulder wrote:
> Another patch (read gpo versions from cache) is included, which for some
> reason didn't make it into 4.8 (I'm not sure why this one patch got
> missed from the series I submitted).

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