PATCH] Explicitly search /lib for the python libraries

Rungta, Vandana vrungta at
Tue Jan 16 01:08:32 UTC 2018

This is a request to update the Tools/ file to explicitly look for the python libraries in $python_prefix/lib directly during the configure process.
Attached is the git format-patch file.

Please review and commit.


diff --git a/third_party/waf/wafadmin/Tools/ b/third_party/waf/wafadmin/Tools/
index cd96b658185..13b35e0a661 100644
--- a/third_party/waf/wafadmin/Tools/
+++ b/third_party/waf/wafadmin/Tools/
@@ -241,6 +241,11 @@ LDVERSION = %r
                conf.log.write("\n\n# Trying LIBDIR: %r\n" % path)
                result = conf.check(lib=name, uselib='PYEMBED', libpath=path)

+       if not result:
+               conf.log.write("\n\n# try again explicitly with -L$prefix/lib\n")
+               path = [os.path.join(python_prefix, "lib")]
+               result = conf.check(lib=name, uselib='PYEMBED', libpath=path)
        if not result and python_LIBPL is not None:
                conf.log.write("\n\n# try again with -L$python_LIBPL (some systems don't install the python library in $prefix/lib)\n")
                path = [python_LIBPL]

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