failed winbind startup for ad_member

Jamie McClymont jamiemcclymont at
Mon Jan 15 02:30:02 UTC 2018

Hi all,

>>   winbind seems not to run. createbuiltingroup only works when
winbind runs.
>> Looks like there is still something wrong with waiting for winbind
and setting
>> it up correctly.

Patch to fix attached. Interestingly it looks to me like 0f5b1bd9e
"selftest: fix creation of builtin users in wait_for_start" is
potentially unnecessary: double-creating the user doesn't seem to cause
any issues as far as I can tell; that patch just changes ad_member under
ad_dc from failing 100% of the time to failing 10% of the time (when the
user is not already created -- some sort of race?).

- Jamie
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