PATCH: verbose mode for smbclient tar

Björn Jacke bjacke at
Wed Jan 10 10:15:58 UTC 2018

Hi Jeremy,
On 04.01.2018 21:50, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> I know clitar.c currently messes this up by mixing printf() and DBG() -> DEBUG()
> but moving forward we should try and clean this up by moving printf() to d_printf()
> and ensuring that only internal status messages (which may be part of the
> 'verbose' stream) go out using DEBUG().
> If you don't have time for this now, let me know and I'll review the
> patch as-is, but eventually we need to fix this up correctly (we can
> do it as a patch on top if you prefer).

here is the updated patch using d_printf at the places that this patch

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