Re: [PR PATCH] [Updated] Added smbc_SetConfiguration which lets the user set the smb.conf for …

Puran Chand puran157 at
Wed Jan 10 10:05:39 UTC 2018

Hi All,

This patch add an API in libsmbclient.h (smbc_setConfiguration())
which provides
flexibility to read and apply configuration from different smb.conf while
calling libsmbclient APIs.

This overrides the configuration parameters which are defined in new
configuration file and do not change the defaults. Kindly refer old PR to
see the discussion. (

I have also added a test smb_new.conf in testdata/samba3 directory which is
loaded during torture test and all the configuration is verified after
smbc_setConfiguration() call. The configuration is restored to default
before  the torture test exits so that other torture test are not affected.

There were review comments on older PR( which are also addressed in
this PR.

I apologize for raising it as part of new PR since I accidentally deleted
the branch from my samba fork over github while rebasing.

Kindly review.


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> There is an updated pull request by puran157 against master on the Samba
> Samba Github repository
> set_configuration_libsmbclient
> Added smbc_SetConfiguration which lets the user set the smb.conf for …
> …libsmbclient code
> Signed-off-by: Puran Chand <pchand at>
> A patch file from is
> attached

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