[PATCHES] Add samba-tool visualize

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at catalyst.net.nz
Sun Jan 7 22:21:59 UTC 2018

On 08/01/18 10:42, Douglas Bagnall wrote:
>  Perhaps what you need is `samba-tool visualize`,
> provided by this patchset. Actually, you probably need more of it than
> is provided here -- and there is more, but 4.8 won't wait for it.

One thing I have but am not at all happy with yet is 'samba-tool
visualize drs' which tries to overlay all the different AD graphs on
top of each other so you can see how they relate. There are
site-edges, reps, ntds connections, schedules, edge weights, rodc
connections, and all kinds of flags and oddities. The trick is in
finding a balance between looking floral and being meaningful, within
the confines of the not-actually-all-that-expressive dot language.
(Possibly it is truly impossible to describe this stuff in less space
than MS-ADTS).

Another one I want is a picture that shows recency of communication.
It is all very well knowing that your machines think they can talk to
each other while not actually doing so in practice.

Would it be useful to be able to generate ASCII art network sequence
diagrams tracing a change through the network?


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