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ronnie sahlberg ronniesahlberg at
Thu Jan 4 22:28:52 UTC 2018

hitless NFS failover requires that the NFS filehandles remain
invariant across the nodes in the cluster.
I.e. regardless which node you point to, the same file will always map
to the exact same filehandle.
(Stale filehandle just means : "I don't know which file this refers
to" and it would either be caused by the NFS server (Ganesha) losing
the inode<->filehandle mapping state when Ganesha is restarted
or it could mean that the underlying filesystem does not have the
capability to make this possible from the server.)

GPFS/SpectrumScale does guarantee this for knfs.ko (and Ganesha) as
long as you are careful and ensure that the fsid for the backend
filesystem is the same across all the nodes.

You would have to check if this is even possible to do with cephfs
since in order to get this guarantee you will need support from the
backing filesystem.
There is likely not anything that CTDB can do here since it is an
interaction between Ganesha and cephfs.

One way to test for this would be to just do a NFSv3/LOOKUP to the
same file from several Ganesha nodes in the cluster  and verify with
wireshark that
the filehandles are identical regardless which node you use to access the file.

With a little bit of effort, you can even automate this fully if you
want to add this as a check for automatic testing.
The way to do this would be to use libnfs, since it can expose the
underlying nfs filehandle.
You could write a small test program using libnfs that would connect
to multiple different ip's/nodes in the cluster, then
use nfs_open() to fetch a filehandle for the same file on different
nodes and then just compare the underlying filehandle in the
libnfs filehandle.
I don't remember if dereferencing this structure is part of the public
API or not, and too lazy to check right now, so you might
need to include libnfs-private.h if not.


ronnie sahlberg

On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 8:00 AM, Martin Schwenke via samba-technical
<samba-technical at> wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Jan 2018 18:32:26 +0800 (CST), <zhu.shangzhong at>
> wrote:
>>> On Thu, 4 Jan 2018 14:54:28 +0800 (CST), "zhu.shangzhong--- via
>>> samba-technical" <samba-technical at> wrote:
>>> > I build a clustered file system using the ctdb+nfs-ganesha, and
>>> > the cephfs is used as nfs-ganesha's backend.
>>> > It works well except the file write operation is interrupted. The
>>> > following is the steps:
>>> > 1. mount the nfs export directory to node /home/nfs,
>>> >    the nfs-server ip is
>>> > 2. cp a big file to /home/nfs
>>> > 3. when the cp operation is in process, kill the nfs-ganesha
>>> >    process on the nfs-server (node ip:
>>> > 4. The cp operation is interrupted and the error message is
>>> >    "stale file handle".
>>> > Any idea?
>>> Questions about the CTDB setup...  :-)
>>> * How many nodes are there?
>>> * What CTDB public IP addresses are defined?
>>> * Do the logs show CTDB failing over public IP addresses?
>> There are 3 CTDB nodes and 3 nfs-ganesha servers.
>> Their IP address is: ,,  192.1.12.
>> The CTDB public IP address is:,,
>> The client IP is The NFS export directory is mounted
>> to the client with public IP
>> I checked the CTDB logs, the public IP was moved to
>> another node(IP:
>> when the nfs-server(IP: process was killed.
> OK, that seems good.  :-)
> * When do you see the "stale file handle" message?  Immediately when
>   the NFS Ganesha server is killed or after the failover?
>   If it happens immediately when the server is killed then CTDB is not
>   involved and you need to understand what is happening at the NFS
>   level.
> * Are you able to repeat the test against a single NFS Ganesha server
>   on a single node?
>   This would involve killing the server, seeing what happens to the cp
>   command on the client, checking if the file still exists in the
>   server filesystem, and then restarting the server.
>   If killing the NFS Ganesha server causes the incomplete copy of the
>   file to be deleted without communicating a failure to the client
>   then this could explain the "stale file handle" message.
>   If this can't be made to work then it probably also isn't possible
>   by adding more complexity with CTDB.
> By the way, if you are able to reply inline instead of "top-posting"
> then it is easier to respond to each part of your reply.  :-)
> peace & happiness,
> martin

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