[PATCH] make flapping smbcontrol test more informative

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at catalyst.net.nz
Sun Feb 25 08:07:06 UTC 2018

I wrote:
> ... and as soon as it lands in master:
> (https://git.samba.org/autobuild.flakey.sn-devel-144/2018-02-25-0308/samba.stdout)
> UNEXPECTED(error): samba.tests.blackbox.smbcontrol.samba.tests.blackbox.smbcontrol.SmbcontrolBlockboxTests.test_ping(fl2003dc:local)
> [...]
> BlackboxProcessError: Command 'bin/smbcontrol 2692415 ping'; exit status 1; stdout: ''; stderr: ''; message: trying to ping ldap_server
> I wish I was more surprised.

And then I thought: with multi-process fork-on-demand LDAP, we should
expect a race between listing the processes and pinging them. They 
disappear all the time.

        processes = self.msg_ctx.irpc_all_servers()
        for p in processes:
            for id in p.ids:
                if p.name != "samba":
                    self.check_run("%s %d %s" % (COMMAND, id.pid, PING),
                                   msg="trying to ping %s" % p.name)

so I was wrong here:

>>> This is a canary, I suspect -- the test itself is sound (sort of),

the test is not sound.


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