[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated

Alexander Bokovoy ab at samba.org
Mon Dec 10 13:59:22 UTC 2018

On ma, 10 joulu 2018, Noel Power wrote:
> The branch, master has been updated
>        via  f7516971b56 CI: Adjust CI tasks for new python3 autobuild.py default
>        via  bc92277a79b autobuild: We should run autobuild with python3 by default

I would like to say thank you to everyone who spent time on porting
Samba to Python 3 over last four years. This is one of biggest efforts
we had that spanned years and was very painful --- from code changes and
adopting Samba to be able to build and run under both Python version
families to creating better testing tools and ensuring they wouldn't
miss a thing. Also thank you to those who helped us to understand Python
better in the process. Thank you everyone for persistence!

I realise it is far from being finished and now a lot of smaller (or
bigger) bugs will need to be fixed but this is trully a milestone to

Thank you!

>        via  9ac432d4bc5 selftest/flapping.d: Add python2 versions for flapping tests
>        via  35aef220ceb selftest/knownfail: Add python2 version of known fails
>        via  5a804050717 CI: Add new py2 CI jobs to replace old py3 ones
>        via  b0b9c62e1cf autobuild: Convert old py3 tasks to py2
>        via  e3c37bbad4f selftest: don't hardcode '.python3' for extra-python tests
>        via  2fb74e6ad32 buildtools/wafsamba: Support --extra-python with python2
>        via  dfe5787c255 autobuild: Adjust autobuild for PY2/PY3 get_python_lib behaviour
>        via  23db658ebcc CI: convert the purepy3 job to a py2 one
>        via  ae5dd18162a autobuild: Modify old samba_buildpy3_only job to python2
>        via  0e35d741934 script: Fix failing build_xc job
>        via  0186f2733aa CI: Run autobuild jobs with python3
>        via  a660b7fb8e5 PY3: switch current build to use python3
>        via  3e017aa7e51 buildtools/wafsamba Provide proper pc file
>        via  19ac50ba2d7 buildtools/wafsamba: Ensure we detect the correct python.
>        via  f4c0343dc42 selftest: Always set PYTHON to something sensible (if it isn't set)
>        via  3eb7281ff36 buildtools/wafsamba: Decode result of Popen as unicode/string
>        via  447276e2974 adjust ldb config for py3 build
>        via  a7cb10e4b47 PY3 pure build fix some str/bytes wobblies
>        via  c316738f265 CI: Remove the remainder py3 jobs
>        via  9bdeb95f2c6 autobuild: Remove temporary purepy3 tasks
>        via  cc11f71820c auth/credentials/tests: Python 3.6 avoid deepcopy error
>        via  b209def154c s4/selftest: Reenable samba.tests.gpo to run with --extra-python
>        via  d01d85ccb25 CI: Remove purepy3 temporary jobs
>        via  a522d7e03d3 CI: Add new CI jobs for samba-purepy3 & samba-purepy3-nt4
>        via  61adb75b9ff CI: Add new (TEMP) pure python3 autobuild jobs for samba-build & samba-nt4
>        via  34ca15fb042 s4/dsdb/tests/python: PY3 allow test samba4.ldap.sort pass
>        via  c319684d516 s4/dsdb/tests/python: partial PY3 port for samba4.ldap.sort
>        via  d7dba6f701f python/samba: PY3 port samba.tests.samba_tool.visualize_drs
>        via  06ef2d51a1b python/samba/netcmd: PY3 port for samba4.drs.samba_tool_drs_showrepl
>        via  f8c05eb75a5 s4/dsdb/tests/python: PY3 port samba4.deletetest
>        via  e8413056d33 s4/dsdb/tests/python: PY3 Port samba4.ldap.password_lockout
>        via  2b09cfe0839 s4/dsdb/tests/python: PY3 port for samba4.ldap.rodc_rwdc.python
>        via  cc8a4eeb530 s4/dsdb/tests/python: PY3 port for samba4.ldap.linked_attributes
>        via  c83e1a6aea9 s4/dsdb/tests: PY3 port samba4.ldap.vlv
>        via  74aabacc349 s4/dsdb/tests/python: PY3 port samba4.ldap.sites
>        via  397ab3afbd1 s4/dsdb/tests: PY3 fix failing samba4.ldap.notification
>        via  42cb270b48f lib/ldb-samba/tests: PY3 port samba4.ldap.match_rules
>        via  60a9998ea3d s4/dsdb/tests: PY3 port samba4.user_account_control test
>        via  32c8c820a23 s4/dsdb/tests/python: PY3 port samba4.tokengroups.krb5
>        via  4186335cd88 s4/dsdb/tests: Port PY3 ldap tests
>        via  9db3ad9ea1c python/samba/blackbox: PY3 port for samba.tests.blackbox.traffic_learner
>        via  b920d80ecae script: PY3 port traffic_learner
>        via  dd62f4b6676 python/samba/tests: PY3 make sure traffic_learner is called with correct python
>        via  fdf75084e42 python/samba/test: Make sure traffic_replay is called with correct python
>        via  89c63386365 CI: Remove build_samba_ad_dc_py3 CI job
>        via  c36af9c129d CI: Add new CI job for new build_samba_purepy3-ad-dc job
>        via  fd87c89c643 script: Add new (temporary) pure python3 ad-dc test
>        via  81043cdf0e9 python/samba/tests: Fix auth_log messaging problems in py3
>        via  de9dcb12954 python/samba/tests: PY3 port failing samba.tests.auth_log_samlogon.py
>        via  991f8bfe5fb python/samba/tests: PY3 port failing samba.tests.auth_log_netlogon
>        via  0cafa9bf943 python/samba: PY3 fix failing py3 samba.tests.group_audit test
>        via  750540fd5c2 python/samba/kcc: PY3 fix some str versus ldb.bytes comparisons
>        via  744acb276c7 python/samba: PY3 don't call str for bytes (or str)
>        via  c99450db4ee python/samba: PY3 port gpo.apply smbtorture test
>        via  1d6350897d2 s4/torture/gpo: Use existing code to 'run' external commands
>        via  0cd885c1ec7 python/samba: fix default params for PY3 ConfigParser
>        via  55a38171667 s4/dsdb/tests: PY3 port samba4.ldap.passwordsettings test
>        via  ac7baa6e92d s4/dsdb/tests/python: PY3 port samba4.sam.python test
>        via  72921682558 python/samba/netcmd: PY3 fix samba4.blackbox.trust_utils test
>        via  679b640ac5e python/samba/tests: Py3 port for samba.tests.auth_log_netlogon_bad_creds.samba
>        via  00133791d54 PY3: wrap filter calls with list where list is expected
>        via  a25bd836ee6 python/samba/tests: PY3 port samba.tests.dns
>        via  0d73a2b0a29 PY3: net.change_password & net.set_password take string not bytes
>        via  d253e84a41b python/samba: PY3 Credential.set_password takes string
>        via  9b18748c703 auth/credentials: PY3 set_password should decode from unicode 'utf8'
>        via  8b10c713716 python/samba: Py3 Use new compat.sockerserver symbol
>        via  fdf2deb3ba1 python/samba: PY3 compat py2/p3 symbol for SocketServer/socketserver
>        via  1fb9887ea87 python/samba: PY3 ord needs 'str' type not int
>        via  351ca11b064 s4/setup/tests: make sure samba-tool is called with correct py version
>        via  3519fcb9b79 s4/utils/test: PY3 make sure we call correct python version for samba-tool
>        via  277dbd9cffb nsswitch/tests: PY3 samba_tool call correct python
>        via  af8077e807d testprogs/blackbox: make sure samba-tool is called with correct python
>        via  6e46d9770ed python/samba.tests: Ensure samba-tool is called with correct python ver.
>       from  7d271450f71 ctdb: Remove <file> parameter from pfetch usage info
> https://git.samba.org/?p=samba.git;a=shortlog;h=master

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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