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Mon Dec 3 13:45:49 UTC 2018

On Mon, Dec 03, 2018 at 01:58:15PM +0100, swen via samba-technical wrote:
> the GitLab experts.
>I'm a bit unsure on how code contributions to samba
>are supposed to be "processed" now.
>So first a more general question.
>The way I understood, it is preferred to have contributions
>go to Gitlab INSTEAD of sending them to the mailing list.
>Is that correct ?

I guess that depends on who you ask. :)

My preferred was is via mail with patchset to the list. Just make sure to add a 
link to CI, either passed or in progress. Bonus points if the mail has some good 
descriptive test and extra point for some jokes.

Me personnally I'm still trashing the gitlab mails as processing them is a 

Guess it somewhat depends on which part you're working on: most s3 contributors 
seem to prefer plain mail while many s4 contributors seem to prefer gitlab merge 
request. Ymmv. :)


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