Overview of performance improvements of recent SMB3 compounding patches

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 18:24:17 UTC 2018

In experiments today with Ronnie's most recent compounding patches I
see the expected significant improvements in create/mkdir/unlink/rmdir
operations over SMB3 mounts (tests were to Samba but would be similar
to all modern servers).  See below:

"touch /mnt/file"  goes from 6 request/response pairs to 4 with
Ronnie's compounding patches
"rm /mnt/file" from 5 to 2 request/response pairs
"mkdir /mnt/newdir" 6 pairs to 3 pairs
"rmdir /mnt/newdir" 6 pairs down to 2 pairs

Good job Ronnie!


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