Does samba have a code of conduct?

William Brown william at
Mon Aug 20 03:51:34 UTC 2018

> You are correct and I want to apologize to William for using a
> derogatory term like that.
> It was uncalled for and I failed to communicate my main objection to
> the use of Codes of Conduct.

Thank you for the apology. I appreciate it.

> My fundamental concern is that people who propose codes of conduct
> are
> more concerned about policing speech than they are in making
> technical
> contributions.

I understand your concern - but I do not believe it was my intent.

I would like to see the samba community recognised as a place of
technical excellence, and as a supportive and open community. That
means that people should feel able and safe to contribute without fear
of insults or other mocking comments. Too often we hear of stories of
insults, harrasment and more coming from software projects. Every one
of those stories is potentially scaring away a future contributor or

A code of conduct is a list of behaviours that a community should
aspire to model. It's not about policing speech, as about defining who
you want to be and how you want to be seen as a project.

Today in our industry, more than ever we are starting to see the need
for our communities to be positive and kind in our actions. From
helping to mentor future students, allowing blameless analysis of
incidents, improving discussions on code reviews, and including people
from all walks of life.

My request was not intended to police speech, but to ask about the
nature of the community in this project. As someone who is looking to
contribute more of my time to this project, it's worth knowing the
character of the community and how we desire to interact.

I hope this helps, and once again, thank you for apologising.  

> Once again, I apologize for the epithet!


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