[SMB3][PATCH] snapshots work from Linux!

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 07:38:31 UTC 2018

    mounting with the "snapshots=" mount parm allows a read-only
    view of a previous version of a file system (see MS-SMB2
    and "timewarp" tokens, section based on the timestamp
    passed in on the snapshots mount parm.

    Add processing to optionally send this create context.

    Example output:

    /mnt1 is mounted with "snapshots=..." and will see an earlier
    version of the directory, with three fewer files than /mnt2
    the current version of the directory.

    root at Ubuntu-17-Virtual-Machine:~/cifs-2.6# cat /proc/mounts | grep cifs
    // /mnt1 cifs

    // /mnt2 cifs

    root at Ubuntu-17-Virtual-Machine:~/cifs-2.6# ls /mnt1
    EmptyDir  newerdir
    root at Ubuntu-17-Virtual-Machine:~/cifs-2.6# ls /mnt1/newerdir

    root at Ubuntu-17-Virtual-Machine:~/cifs-2.6# ls /mnt2
    EmptyDir  file  newerdir  newestdir  timestamp-trace.cap
    root at Ubuntu-17-Virtual-Machine:~/cifs-2.6# ls /mnt2/newerdir

    Snapshots are extremely useful for comparing previous versions of
files or directories,
    and recovering from data corruptions or mistakes.

See attached patch


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