#ifdef HAVE_SYS_QUOTA missing in source3/smbd/smb2-getinfo.c

Christopher O Cowan Christopher.O.Cowan at ibm.com
Mon Aug 6 21:25:05 UTC 2018

Presently, when I configure and compile on AIX, HAVE_SYS_QUOTA is not set.
I haven't had time to look into deeply into the wscripts, but the main
quota header is  /usr/include/sys/fs/quota_common.h, rather
than /usr/include/sys/quota.h (like Linux).

Noel Power's commit b8802e2 introduced an #ifdef HAVE_SYS_QUOTA wrapper
around the declaration of smbd_do_query_getinfo_quota() and some other
functions, in source3/smbd/proto.h.  When I attempted to run the latest
smbd, it was failing to load.

My temporary solution was to add an #ifdef HAVE_SYS_QUOTA at line 584 in
source3/smbd/smb2_getinfo.c, closing it at line 600.  Just enough to
exclude the inline call to smbd_do_query_getinfo_quota().  Seemed to just
be throwing an exception, anyway.

Seems to have fixed the problem for me, but someone may want to look at
this a bit more closely, since there were several other calls bracketed in

Chris Cowan

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