[PATCH] build: add option to choose to build with or without JSON audit support

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Apr 18 06:35:29 UTC 2018

Am 18.04.2018 um 07:51 schrieb Douglas Bagnall:
> On 18/04/18 17:24, Stefan Metzmacher via samba-technical wrote:
>>> Is there some way of meeting those concerns in this patch? Would
>>> squashing this in be acceptable?:
>> Isn't this part of Björn's patch enough?
>> +        if conf.CONFIG_GET('ENABLE_SELFTEST') and \
>> +          (not Options.options.without_ad_dc):
>> +            raise Utils.WafError('jansson JSON library required for '
>> +                                 '--enable-selftest when building the
>> AD DC')
> Ah, OK, sorry. Thanks for pointing this out Metze.
>>> That lets you run make test without jansson but means autobuild
>>> requires it.
>> We don't want make test without jansson, we want to build some packages
>> without json-audit support, even if jansson is installed an the system.
> Right. I am curious -- does the dependency cause problems on some platforms?

No. We just want didn't have jansson-dev in the build environments
before, but want to install it now, but don't build all packages with
the dependency.


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