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Thu Apr 12 08:26:09 UTC 2018

New comment by noelpower on Samba Github repository
thanks for the pointer to the guide (trying to wrap my head around it)
hadn't come across this one

On 10/04/18 19:53, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> six is essential but 'future' can be omitted. In this case you can
> replace future.iteritems by a native key iteration which will work in
> both py2 and py3:
> - for key, val in global_settings.iteritems():
> + for key in global_settings:
>              f.write("\t%s = %s\n" % (key, global_settings[key]))
>          f.write("\n")
> I'd also recommend following a Conservative Porting Guide that was
> developed when porting many Python applications, including majority of
> Samba code:
> —
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